Complete Criminal Defense Representation Throughout the Hudson Valley

I honed my legal skills by studying and practicing law in New York City before returning to the Hudson Valley where I currently practice criminal law.  As an Assistant District Attorney for Columbia County, and now as a defense attorney, I have handled a myriad of felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, including but not limited to:

  • Assault, Manslaughter, and Attempted Murder
  • Larceny, Burglary, Robbery
  • Criminal Possession of Control Substance / Drug Possession
  • Criminal Mischief / Property crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Criminal Possession of a Weapon / Gun charge
  • Domestic violence
  • Criminal Contempt / Temporary Restraining Order
  • Traffic tickets / Speeding / Illegal cellphone use

I provide responsive, straightforward legal counsel based upon my experience as both a former prosecutor and a defense attorney.  Whether it’s a speeding ticket or a serious felony charge, my goal is to know the case better than the prosecution—and, in doing so, find weaknesses in the case to leverage a dismissal, favorable plea bargain, or acquittal at trial.

Protecting Driving Records and Saving Money

Even minor traffic violations can come with fines, points, and the possibility of increased insurance rates. It is almost always a bad idea to plead guilty to the original traffic violation and accept the penalties. I zealously contest improperly issued tickets. When necessary, I negotiate reduced charges and fines which minimizes the negative effects on driving records and insurance rates. In most instances, I appear in court on a client’s behalf and save them the time and hassle of a court appearance.

Here is a list of the Vehicle and Traffic Law tickets I commonly handle:

  • VTL §1180 – Speeding
  • VTL §1225 (c) – Use of mobile phones
  • VTL §1225 (d) – Use of portable electronic devices
  • VTL §1229 (c) – No seat belt
  • VTL §306 (b) – Uninspected motor vehicle
  • VTL §319 – Operating motor vehicle without insurance
  • VTL §1110 (a) – Disobeying a traffic control device
  • VTL §601 (1)(a) – Leaving the scene of an accident
  • VTL §511 – Aggravated unlicensed operation (AUO 3rd)
  • VTL §1120 (a) – Failure to keep right
  • And many more

To Consult With Me:

Call my office at 518-707-0098 or send me a message with a brief description of your situation.